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Neuro-linguistic programming works with the three most important factors relating to human experiences: with neurology, in other words the theory of processes in the brain that regulate our body functions; with speech with which interchange with other people takes place; and with programming which in this case helps different views to be obtained about you, your surroundings and the world. By means of speech and systematic guidelines, NLP consciously changes processes in the brain. John Grinder and mathematician and psychologist Richard Bandler developed the methods. Nicole Voss is one of Germany's best NLP trainers. She has been dealing with behavioral changes in humans for over 25 years and was certified by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of NLP.


From an evolutionary point of view, the limbic system is a very old part of the brain. The three limbic structures balance, dominance and stimulation represent the actual center of power in our head, in other words, the unconscious protagonist in our daily activities. Through recognition and understanding, we can use this power for motivation, marketing and management. High performers can be recognized by their limbic profile.


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The Casp Cupe method, applied & developed by us and based on the limbic system, shows the brilliancy of different personalities in the way they think & act. It's all about accessing your energy and growing. Perform your talent accordingly. Don't distort. Adapt. Recognize talents as an executive, consciously position them and promote them. Understanding the complexity of the typology is a determinant for high performance in teams and complex structures.


Face communication is about learning to recognize behavioral tendencies based on people's facial structures. Even a photo can reveal criteria for behavioral structures & communication needs. For business deals, sales professionals know just how important it is to correctly evaluate customers and their needs. Managers can decode which candidate is the perfect fit for the team. Closeness & distance demeanors will also be recognized as will the impatient quick decision-maker who only accepts snap information at the most. Structure & chaos. Loyalty & adventurousness. Courageous or rather cautious.
Everything STEP BY STEP.


I see what you're not saying.

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication that is expressed through gestures, facial expressions, body language, habits and other conscious or unconscious bodily deliveries. It can be a deep intake of breathe or an inconspicuous blink. But it's not about the crossed arms or the obvious rolling of the eyes. It's about unconscious body language that is congruent or incongruent to the situation. Understand the person opposite you. Look closely and recognize the messages of non-verbal communications.


"How Language shapes the way we think."

Words have considerable power. Once spoken, they are out in the world. One word, unintentionally applied, may possibly lead to misunderstandings. Language is the basis & quality of thinking. Because we speak on the inside which, in turn, has a conscious & unconscious effect on the outside. The analysis of language from an NLP perspective supports the understanding of the powerful, consciously applied words. Regardless of whether you’re a manager struggling to motivate your employees or need to give a boost to a member of the sales staff, you'll become aware that your life will be determined by your words, i.e. the quality of your thoughts.


Mindset describes the ways of thinking, beliefs and behavioral patterns or the inner disposition of people. In short: prerequisites for a happy & successful life. It's about the total awareness of your own inner attitude to what you do and the willingness to positively accept change. Think: your mindset changes the game.


Mindfulness is the highest level of self-focused attention. You are wide awake. Focused. Concentrated. You sense only what is to be sensed and you consciously and objectively reflect yourself in your environment. Being mindful and avoiding others will become fundamental in an ever faster spinning world for people who consciously take the next step.

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