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The most important thing at the start is the start.


VOSS&CO. The agency that focuses on TOP talents & sales structures. It was founded in 2007 with the vision that business success, regardless of type, comes down to having the right people and perfect product presentation.

We've always felt that recruiting should be done differently. We wanted to make it more human, friendlier and keep procedures to be non-bureaucratic. We were also convinced that products that hadn't been emotionalized attracted little market attention and learning only makes sense if people recognize the sense of the training.

Our development has proven us right. We're growing year on year. Despite all the adversities from the outside, we stick to our guns and continue on the path we've chosen.
And all the better with you!

Welcome @ VOSS & CO.







"Success is a staircase, not a door."


I've been climbing stairs my whole life. Sometimes a few at a time and, occasionally, a painful one back down. I've fought and never given up. I'm a visionary and an optimist. I'm passionate, courageous and strong.


Throughout my life, I've only ever done what I've been personally committed to do. I can only do things at 100%. The moment I have chosen a route, I follow it resolutely and I put all my energy into that one project that I've committed myself to.

Challenges keep me on my toes. They allow me to grow. There are many things in my life I could have done without. But somehow it's these difficult times, in particular, that have made me what I am today: Businesswoman. Nature lover. Boss. Coach. Dog mum. Partner. Idea generator. Energizer. Speaker. Author. Podcaster. Friend. Daughter. Woman. Human being.

Retail. Sales. Products. Fashion & Lifestyle. NLP & Systemic Business Coaching. These all form, in addition to my exciting life experiences, the basis of my daily needs as owner and founder of VOSS&CO.


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The exceptional enthusiasm for their work is what makes our team stand out – regardless of whether they're in the back office, head the marketing team, are responsible for recruiting, or are involved in the dynamic task of training people's mindset.

Our team's excellence means that we can commit ourselves to both the small tasks as well as the large ones.
Shared time is important to us. Sometimes, therefore, our private lives overlap with the business.
Our closeness allows us to discuss things openly and to courageously try new paths. It means that we never stand still. We're continually developing and regularly optimizing the path that we're continuing along together.

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